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Paul Mateta

Managing Director, AEG DRC

Mr. Mateta has been serving as AEG DRC's Managing Director since November of 2015. As a native Congolese, Paul has an understanding of the country's unique business environment. Although Paul splits his time between his family in Charlotte and his work in the DRC, he is never far from his three phones dedicated to getting the job done.

Paul is easily one of the most recognizable figures of the community in Kinshasa. It is a regular occurrence for a smiling face to exclaim "Professor!" or "Papy!" while driving through town or walking to a meeting. That is a testament to the success he has had in his everyday mission to create better lives and opportunities for the Congolese.


He has studied computer science and electronics engineering technology since 1977 and has master's degrees in both computer science and information technology. Mr. Mateta has been teaching courses in these subjects at the Technical University of Kinshasa since 1988.


Prior to joining AEG, Paul worked in finance and business development for Kitoko Food Agriculture Company, Caltron USA, Mantis International Traders, and Mobil Oil. Paul also served as a budget analyst at the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa for 14 years. He is fluent in French, English, Lingala, and Kikongo.

Paul Mateta
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