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AEG Milestones

Since AEG International was founded we have sought out a wide variety of opportunities beginning with home lighting kits. Keep reading to learn more about the timeline of projects we have completed since 2014. 



AEG Ltd Established

In February of 2014, AEG expanded its operations to establish AEG Limited in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.


Firefly Prototype Launched

In July of 2014 our team launched the first Firefly prototype in Tanzania.

Mwanza Indoor Firefly Family Village'17-2898.jpg
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Microgrid Installations

In April of 2015 based out of Dar, our team began installations on microgrids in both Nigeria and Tanzania.


Solar Water Well

In May of 2015, our team began a project in Manilla village near the Tanzanian border with Kenya to install a solar water well. This addition to the community has saved women and children hours in their day now that they no longer have to source water from the river.

Mwanza Water Tank Village'17-2867.jpg
Paul with engineers nafred mayala pamala and luyeye in work vests outside cobil.JPG


AEG Congo Launched

In February of 2016, AEG launched our operations out of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Firefly PAYGO Launched

Feb. ’17 was when we agreed to start PAYGO development. The first three PAYGO kits were carried by Tod to DRC in Nov. ’17 for market entry testing. 

Close up of paygo box and light and with device being pointed at by customer.JPG


Streetlight Project In TZ

In July of 2017, AEG Ltd. was selected to begin a streetlight project in Mwanza along the road leading to the airport.


USTDA Ghana Grant 

In November of 2018, USTDA approved a grant for AEG International to conduct a feasibility study for Ghana Catholic Church Solar Project after we were selected by 6 dioceses for their solar conversion year in May.

USTDA Ghana Signing Event 2019-0162.jpg
Team AEG Congo at Cobil Station.JPG


Completion of Cobil Pilot

April of 2019 marked several achievements for the AEG team: first Cobil station microgrid complete; GCCSP kickoff meeting in Ghana; first all-in-one streetlight project completed in Tanzania


Cobil MOU Signed

In June, after successfully completing the Cobil pilot project at station Molende, an MOU was signed to solarize all remaining Cobil stations in the DRC. As the first solar gas station in the country, the business case for increased profits with consistent service was clear.

Cobil Station DRC Solar Install.CR2
DRC Warehouse Presentation.JPG


PAOP Grant Award 

In February of 2020, AEG DRC was awarded $200,000 Power Africa Off-grid Project grant for PAYGO solar home system market expansion in the DRC. The project kickoff was held in Kinshasa in March of 2020.


Streetlight Inaguration

In October, the AEG International team held the inauguration of the 260 streetlights installed by AEG DRC in Mbandaka, Equateur Province, DRC.

Governor of Equateur with Tod at Mbandaka Streetlight Inaguration.JPG
Kathleen and Kate Kenge Inaguration Speech.JPG


PAYGO Kiosk Inaugurations

In December of 2020, as a part of the PAOP PAYGO grant, our team inaugurated five Firefly PAYGO distribution kiosks in the villages of Muanda, Mbankana, Kenge, and Lemfu in the DRC.


PAOP Closeout

In August of 2021, the AEG International team with AEG DRC completed the PAOP grant closeout. In summary, with our Firefly PAYGO sales during that time we estimated we reached 11,000 customers as a result.

Mamas with eggs and bread and a paygo kit with light and box.JPG
Cobil Signing 2023.jpeg


GridX Financing of Cobil

In late 2021, AEG DRC plans to host a kickoff meeting for solarization for 7 Cobil gas stations in Kinshasa with financing partners GridX.


Exhibit at RE+

Working with our colleagues at Direct Energy Partners, our team showcased the potential of DC microgrids in driving the transition toward a clean energy future. This year’s Grid Edge Theater was run on a fully operational “hybrid” bidirectional residential microgrid to over 44,000 attendees.

Clifton Tour Outdoor Panels_edited.jpg
USTDA Signing 2023.jpeg


In March of 2024, AEG International signed a grant of $1.4 million, funded by the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), in partnership with the  Province of Equateur for a feasibility study. The study will develop technical and financial recommendations to implement a utility-scale solar and storage project in Mbandaka. Additionally, it will assess the potential for a smaller-scale solar-powered charging station to facilitate the introduction of electric tuk-tuks as an alternative mode of transportation to the city of over 1 million.


In September of 2023, AEG International, with AEG DRC and the CEO of Direct Energy Partners, visited the city of Mbandaka to complete site surveys, spread awareness, and gather public opinion regarding our ongoing USTDA feasibility study. The trip concluded with a town hall meeting where the first electric vehicles were launched with inaugural community rides.

USTDA Mbandaka Town Hall 2023.jpeg
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