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Research & Development Lab

Where dreams become concepts and concepts become products

Incubate, iterate, and test. Then do it again. Our fully loaded R&D facility makes everything possible.


When we say “everything,” we mean it. The AEG Genesis R&D lab contains 8,400 square feet of high-performance equipment, testing stations, and human ingenuity. For engineers, it’s practically a playground.


And we are engineers. So…

The AEG Genesis R&D lab is a staging area for our overactive imaginations.

That might explain all the empty energy drinks in the recycling bin.
It definitely explains the abundance of incredible machinery our team uses day in and day out. Step into our R&D lab at any given moment, and you might find us…

  • Ogling a prototype that emerged from one of three 3D printers

  • Slicing through plastic and metal with our CNC router and milling machine

  • Performing steel contortions with our CNC press brake

  • Testing seemingly bizarre – but in reality, practical – new devices

  • Taking a breather in our solar living room

Sometimes, when we don’t even mean to, the fruits of our R&D win awards. They also help businesses reduce energy consumption. And provide reliable light sources to vulnerable communities. And charge smartphones at outdoor festivals.
But the biggest satisfaction of all? The thing that inspires us to keep up the R&D and harness the full potential of our state-of-the-art brain cave?
Making a difference in the world.

Some of our lab’s greatest achievements involve human development and environmental progress.

Around here, it’s not just about letting our imaginations spit out products you can hold in your hand. Ok, it is sort of about that. But we’re not in this for the glory alone.
We want our products to have a real-world impact. So far, they have.
Communities across rural Africa use Firefly to improve health, education, and public safety.
Families in the developing world can eat, drink, and cook with clean water, thanks to Oasis.
Outdoor junkies who use Firefly Go are reducing degradation to the backcountry they love.

We’ve got the technology and the talent. The only thing standing between us and a better world is time.

AEG Genesis R&D is about to bring even more transformative creations to market.

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