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Industrial Technology

AEG is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of our international clients in the industrial space. As a sister company to Livingston & Haven, serving the needs of industry in the southeastern United States since 1947, AEG has access to the cumulative knowledge of over 50 engineers. Additionally, since L&H represents world class component manufacturers AEG benefits by being able to purchase top quality solutions at distributor level pricing. 


But over and above the wealth of knowledge and solutions offered by L&H, AEG has procurement professionals with decades of experience and can find the right products to meet your needs from anywhere in the world.



It’s time to increase productivity and reduce costs through mechanical and electrical automation. The evolution of higher efficiency is underway, and AEG can help you reach the cutting edge. Interested in getting started with industrial in your market? Here is a quick overview of what to expect from the process.


Conduct a Product Inventory

•    Study of existing equipment used by your company

•    Create an inventory list of products

•    Create a separate portal that features equipment needed by GOS

•    Make additional recommendations on products and services.

Identify Potential Clients

•    Create a list of equipment used by the vendor/company

•    Customize the product list and add to the portal to streamline industrial orders

Expected Outcome

•    Complete feasibility study outlining products and services needed

•    Outline products and services recommended for potential clients/target market

•    AEG to quote recommended inventory and equipment

•    License to use AEG logo and name for commerce in country of designation

•    Training program designed by AEG/HPP for you and clients


“Their expansive reach and network with OEMs and Vendors has made AEG a reliable and efficient service partner for MRO support services. "

– Rex Kontor, C.E.O of Bogerhaus Engineering Limited

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