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Oasis Water Filtration

Clean water when you need it! Oasis is a portable three-stage water filtration system that can turn dirty, contaminated water into safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation.



From rural Africa, to the family preparing for a natural disaster in California or The Gulf of Mexico, Oasis can guarantee your family will have safe drinking water readily available in your time of need.

Filters Are Easily Replaced

Both of the carbon filters only need to be replaced after 3,800 liters and the reverse osmosis filter only needs to be replaced after 11,500 liters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Oasis powered?

Oasis must be powered by a 12VDC source. At present, Oasis can be powered in three main ways. First, you can plug it into a standard Type A 120 volt AC outlet like you’d find in your home. Secondly, Oasis can be powered by your vehicle using a cigarette lighter adapter. These first two power options come with Oasis out of the box. Last, but not least, Oasis can be powered by solar energy. AEG sells both a hard and foldable solar panel compatible with the device. Already have solar panels? Please reach out to AEG International via the contact form on our website to determine compatibility.

The current AC adapter is rated 85-264V AC and 47-63HZ.

How much clean water can Oasis produce in a day?

Pump speed is proportional to supply voltage and therefore the system pressure. Thus, the higher the voltage is, the higher the system pressure. With higher system pressure, you will see more water flow from both the blue clean water hose and red drain hose. A vehicle charging system or AC wall adapter is the best method for achieving the rated output of 75 gallons of clean drinking water per day.

What types of water can Oasis filter?

Oasis ONLY filters fresh and brackish water. Oasis is NOT to be used to filter any water that has higher than 5000ppm of total dissolved solids (TDS). To know for certain if a water source is suitable for use with Oasis, we recommend purchasing an electronic TDS meter. These are often available at major retailers for under $15.

Why can't I filter ocean water with Oasis?

Oasis is not a desalination product. The concentration of salt in ocean water is too high for our product to process.

Where can I purchase Oasis?

At present, Oasis is available for sale exclusively through our website. Click the "Buy Now" button above to visit our webstore.

How much does Oasis cost?

The cost of the system is dependent on what power sources you’d like to use with it. Please visit our webstore to price out various configurations.

How long will the filtered water "stay good" after using Oasis?

The water will remain potable indefinitely if stored properly.

When do I need to replace the filters?

If you’ve used Oasis and need to store it for longer than 72 hours before you use it again, you will need to replace all of the filters to ensure no potentially harmful bacterial growth has occurred. “Wet” filters will also break down over time if they’re allowed to dry out.

The stage 1 sediment filter and the stage 2 carbon block filter will need to be replaced after filtering 2,000 gallons of water or 12 months, whichever comes first. ALL filters will need to be replaced if they become contaminated for any reason.

Additionally, the need for filter replacement will become self-evident as the rate of water output slows down. This indicates filters becoming more dirty. The on board amp meter will alert users that filters are becoming clogged as the amps rise.

When do I need to replace the hoses?

You need to replace the hoses if you plan to store the kit for longer than 72 hours after usage and you are NOT able to sterilize them. Please see the sanitation instructions in the user manual for a complete guide on sanitizing Oasis and the hoses.

Has Oasis been tested?

Yes, Oasis has been successfully tested by an independent, certified third-party laboratory and conforms with EPA drinking water standards.

How big is the Oasis filtration kit?

Oasis weighs approximately 25lbs and the dimensions are as follows: L 20.1” x W 15.5” x H 7.3”

Does AEG sell containers for me to store the clean water in?

No. At present, AEG does not sell water storage containers.

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