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Kathleen Cook

Country Director - DRC

Kathleen Cook joined the Hyde Park Partners marketing team in early 2017. She has since been able to find and follow her passion for engaging the African market, now exclusively serving their sister company, AEG International.

Today, Kathleen assists the engineering team in developing, improving, and launching sustainable products in the market while ensuring that AEG’s teams have the necessary tools and training to maintain brand quality standards. Kathleen has now visited six African countries and boasts nearly ten trips to the DRC alone. This has provided a foundation for her role to maximize AEG’s community engagement for continued and trusted brand recognition by learning from her customers and respecting all cultures.  

Kathleen is an avid traveler who thrives on the ground in every market she encounters - especially when there is adventurous cuisine on the menu. She has a knack for making connections across the globe and uses those hands-on learning experiences to creatively match her relationships with a constant brainstorm of business opportunities.


Kathleen is a 2013 graduate of Clemson University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and a minor in Travel and Tourism. Before joining HPP, Kathleen worked as an Events Coordinator at Furman University for three years overseeing the sales and marketing efforts of their conference and event services department. Her clients included Fortune 500 companies such as BMW, General Electric, Michelin, and more. In addition, she has managed several experiential marketing projects for brands such as EA Sports, Microsoft, Target, the LeaderShape Institute, and the National Association of Collegiate Activities. 


Since arriving in Charlotte, NC, Kathleen has continued her professional development as a participant of the BB&T Leadership Institute and is currently studying French at the Language Academy of the Carolinas.


Kathleen Cook
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