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Jerry Zimmerman

President, Hyde Park Partners

Jerry Zimmerman has been involved with the manufacturing and industrial automation industry for 45 years, working for a number of multi-national companies throughout that time. Jerry is currently President of Hyde Park Partners, Inc., a holding company that owns three operating companies, Livingston & Haven, MRO Stop, and AEG International. He’s also President of Livingston & Haven.

Jerry is a Vietnam veteran who attended college on the GI Bill after fulfilling his four-year enlistment in the USAF. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph and subsequently an MBA from Colorado State University.

Jerry began his career as a controls engineer and has worked for several manufacturing companies with increased responsibilities over that time. He eventually became interested in the sales and business management aspect of organizations, and as such his career trajectory led him into leadership positions at several companies, culminating in his current appointment within Hyde Park Partners.

A native of Kentucky, Jerry has lived in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area since 2010.


Jerry Zimmerman
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