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James "Tod" Skinner

AEG International

James Thomas Skinner, III (“Tod”) has over 45 years of experience and knowledge gained while working with Hyde Park Partners in varying capacities. He is currently the President of AEG International, LLC, a company wholly owned by Hyde Park Partners, Inc. Tod also serves in the corporate roles for Hyde Park Partners of General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.

Tod began his career in 1978 working with the Apogee Systems division of Hyde Park Partners, which developed and sold ERP software systems. Tod rose through the ranks of that group to become the President of Apogee Systems until 1995 when the unit was re-oriented to focus on internal, strategic software development for Hyde Park Partners. He then went on to assume key roles handling the legal affairs of the company and working closely with the company Controller/Treasurer to manage the financial health of the company including its banking relationship.

Since 2013, Tod has accepted the challenge and opportunity to build AEG International into a global renewable energy, water systems, and industrial technology company. In this role, he is able to take advantage of all of the prior experience gained plus his natural love for meeting people in their own cultures and learning new languages and new technologies. AEG, with its flagship company incorporated in Tanzania, American Engineering Group, Ltd., also has majority ownership of AEG DRC, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Additionally, AEG has worked in the following countries: Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Angola, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Tod has travelled to Africa 20 times now since 2014 and is passionate about working with the people of that continent to solve their biggest development issues. The team that Tod leads is driven every day by their opportunity to have a life-changing impact on the customers we serve – AEG wants to do good while doing well.

In the United States, Tod leads AEG’s focus on direct current (DC) power systems working in close partnership with Direct Energy Partners (DEP). AEG is passionate about developing and offering ‘behind the meter’ DC energy solutions for our county.

Tod holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, graduating in 1981. Born in South Carolina, Tod’s family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1968 where he currently resides.


James "Tod" Skinner
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