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Garry Reed

Garry has been a member of the Hyde Park Partners family for 35 years. During that time he has mastered a role in almost every level of each organization and has represented AEG International in Tanzania, Ghana, and China on six separate occasions. Outside the office, Garry is a dedicated Tennessee Volunteers fan and an avid fisherman.

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My Story

Garry Reed has been working at organizations under the umbrella of Hyde Park Partners since 1985. He began in the Tennessee offices of AEG International’s sister company, Livingston and Haven, working in the inside sales department and in customer service.
In 2003, Garry transferred to Livingston and Haven’s Charlotte headquarters and continued his role as regional customer service manager, a position in which he stayed until 2007. That year, Garry transitioned to Purchasing  Manager. In that role, he supervised the purchasing department, buyers, and all inventory. He served in this role until 2014 when he transitioned to Director of Procurement for Hyde Park Partners, overseeing all global procurement for Livingston and Haven and AEG International.
On January 1, 2020, Garry moved to working for AEG International full-time in the role of Vice President, Global Logistics and Procurement where he continues utilizing his expertise in Africa.  Garry is focused on the procurement of products and services, logistics, and customer service/inventory support for AEG International.


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